All pipe should be lifted off the trailer to avoid any damage while unloading. Never allow pipe to be dragged off or dropped from trailer height.


Slings should be used for lifting the pipe off the trailer and for positioning pipes in the trench.

Pipe ends may be sharp. Handle with care. Use gloves and other proper protective clothing and equipment.

When unloading a nested pipe shipment, make sure that the delivery site has ample room for unnesting the various pipe sizes. Special care should be taken to avoid damaging pipe while unnesting pipe.

Safety Warning: Stack the pipe on the trailer or ground with proper blocking or strapping.

Unnest a pipe by using a two-by-four that is one to two inches larger than the pipe’s inside diameter. Wedge it into corrugation valleys and then pull on two-by-four with a chain or wire rope.

Be careful when removing binders or strapping on pipe bundles, either on the trailer or ground. Never stand on pipe bundles.