A band coupler is a collar or coupling which fits over adjacent ends of pipe to be joined which, when drawn tight, holds the pipe together by friction or by mechanical means.

There are several types available, including:

  • Corrugated (annular)
  • Semi-corrugated
  • Universal (dimple or flat)
  • Internal expanding.

Some band couplers may be available in non-standard thicknesses and widths. (Inquire). Certain band couplers require specialized end treatment as indicated as indicated by the pictures below.

The annular re-corrugated end treatment (A below) is a secondary manufacturing process needed to reroll our manufactured pipe which is produced with a helical (spiral) corrugation. The spiral or plain-end (B below) end treatment is a standard end treatment. As mentioned previously, this is how the pipe is originally produced so no extra steps are needed. Finally, we can provide a welded flange (C below) end section.

This requires us to weld on a flange to the end of our plain end pipe which then allows you to add a rubber gasket and bolt each piece of pipe together instead of using a band. This is quite common for low head installations.


For low head installations, rolled angle flanges welded to the pipe ends with bolted connections and a full faced rubber gasket is recommended.