PolySeal Couplers for HDPE Pipe

These HDPE couplers are the industry standard external joint couplers designed to join corrugated HDPE pipe.  Poly Seal couplers permanently restrain, seal and secure any connections made between two pieces of plastic polymer pipe.  MarMac couplers seal Bell and Spigot connections as well as “cut and butted” sections of plastic pipe, making them vital in virtually any installation of corrugated plastic pipe.

Poly Seal couplers are an external joint wrap for our StormTite® HDPE pipe which utilizes specialized mastic reinforced internally with a layer of woven polypropylene. Our joint seals wrap the entire outer circumference of the pipe and are secured mechanically with three integrated compression bands. The combination of our mastic’s adherence, the puncture and shear resistant reinforcement and our unique use of internalized securing bands results in an almost infallible product designed for quick and easy installation even under less than optimal field conditions.

Dissimilar Pipe Couplers

MarMac Dissimilar Pipe couplers are engineered to join and restrain dissimilar pipes while preventing infiltration into the system. Mar Mac Dissimilar Pipe couplers, join RCP, CMP, DI, PVC, HDPE, BMP separator systems and more. With hundreds of designs to cover virtually any scenario, MarMac Dissimilar Pipe couplers have sealed thousands of connections between different sizes and types of pipe.

MarMac Dissimilar Pipe Couplers are easy to install, cost efficient, permanent, and readily available. We can quickly ship small or large quantities of couplers custom designed specifically for almost any type and sizes of pipe you encounter in the field.