BEVELED END with WEIRS: The addition of notched, log or straight rock retention weirs are beneficial to adding an additional controlling feature to any culvert. These are an ideal addition when the need to control fish passage is present.

Pacific Corrugated Pipe beveled end sections are a practical and visually attractive way to complete an installation that includes a slope at either end of a culvert. These beveled ends are an ideal way to prevent scour at the inlet and “undermining” at the outlet while increasing hydraulic efficiency. When the ends of corrugated pipe are beveled or skewed to match the embankment slope they will deliver the best hydraulic characteristics. Further, this style also provides for an attractive finish and is particularly cost-effective for large diameter culvert applications.

While the principal purpose of a beveled end finish on corrugated steel pipe culverts or spillways is hydraulic efficiency – other purposes may be to retain the fill slope, discourage burrowing rodents or improve safety. Pacific Corrugated Pipe can fabricate our beveled end sections to blend well with any surrounding. Typical beveled ends include full beveled (also known as a mitered end), SKU-Cut or a step beveled end.

The “step beveled” end fabrications have a small vertical cut at the very end, and also at the top of the end section. Our step beveled ends can be fabricated into a single or double-step beveled end. Also, our beveled ends are available in galvanized, aluminized and poly-coated metal finishes for a wide variety of corrosion resistance and improved durability.

It should be noted that these beveled cuts interrupt the pipe ends ability to develop ring compression and measures should be taken to prevent uplift when subjected to extreme hydraulic forces. The opportunity to customize ends to your specific application should bereviewed with your local Pacific Corrugated salesperson or directly with our manufacturing plant.

STEP BEVELED END: Our step beveled end pipe is a simple and efficient solution for passages under roadways to control the flow of water. These beveled ends allow for a natural grade to give the installation a more appealing finish.