Pacific Corrugated Pipe supplies geotextiles of virtually every type and grade. Primary functions include Separation, Reinforcement, Confinement, & Filtration. Common applications include stabilization of parking and roadway structures; filtration and drainage

structures; construction of dams, levees, embankments, and retaining walls; landfill covers and liners; and silt fences. The full range of functions and applications are too numerous to describe here. Contact Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co. for additional information.


The “pumping action” caused by repeated wheel loading causes rock base and soil to intermix, weakening the structural base. Without a solid base, the pavement flexes and breaks up.


Geotextile prevents intermixing of soil and rock base, retaining full rock section for maximum structural support. Reduced rock requirements and lower maintenance costs more than offset the cost of geotextile.