A band coupler is a collar or coupling which fits over adjacent ends of pipe to be joined which, when drawn tight, holds the pipe together by friction or by mechanical means. There are several types available including corrugated (annular), semi-corrugated, universal (dimple or flat), and internal expanding. Certain band couplers require specialized end treatment as indicated. Some band couplers may be available in non-standard thicknesses and widths. (Inquire)

Two piece die formed bias band couplers with integral flanges are standard for all 6-, 8-, and 10-inch diameter pipe. They are available for all pipe with spiral ends in sizes 6-inch through 18-inch diameter, in steel or aluminum alloy
In addition to the joint connectors shown above, the universal band may be used where the slope of the installation is minimal and backfill material is not erodible. These bands are often needed when field cutting is required or when joining to existing pipe. The flat band can be used with neoprene gasket and recorrugated ends for silt tight joints.