Pacific Slotted drain pipe is a composite drainage structure consisting of a corrugated steel pipe with a fabricated linear steel grate protruding through the pipe wall, welded in place. Slotted drain can be used to effectively and economically remove surface runoff in curb and gutter applications or to intercept sheet runoff on relatively flat surfaces or local depressions. Applications include roadways, parking lots, airports, sports fields, or any other surfaces where removal of flowing or standing surface water is desirable. Regular corrugated steel pipe fittings (without grates); such as tees, elbows and reducers, are normally used with slotted drain pipe although custom fabricated fittings with grate are also available if needed.

The slotted drain’s open grate is installed flush with or slightly below the surface to be drained. This allows the surface water to be channeled directly into the pipe below where it can be directed to the appropriate outfall. Pacific slotted drain eliminates the need for complex surface grading to create drainage basins where water is directed to multiple catch basins, berms, dikes, or other channeling structures.

Slotted drain pipe is manufactured from galvanized or aluminized type 2 steel in accordance with AASHTO M 36 and ASTM A 760 national specifications. Pipe is available in sizes 12 inch thru 36 inch, in .064", .079", and .109" thickness. Grates are fabricated from 3/16-inch thick ASTM A36 black or galvanized steel and are available in 2-1/2-inch or 6-inch heights.

Heel guard
In areas where pedestrian traffic is expected, Pacific slotted drain steel can be ordered with 1/2-inch (#13) galvanized expanded metal mesh welded to the top of grate to prevent smaller heels from being caught in the grate opening.

Variable height grates
Although 2-1/2-inch and 6-inch are standard grate heights, other grate heights and variable grate heights are available on special order basis (straight sided grates only). Grate extensions for existing installations are also available. Contact your local Pacific sales engineer for availability, limitations, or other information.

Manufacturing tolerances are; vertical bow ± 3/8-inch, horizontal bow ± 5/8-inch, and longitudinal twist ± 1/2-inch, all based on standard 20 foot length. If lesser tolerances are needed, contact your local Pacific sales engineer with specific requirements.