When it comes to completing a project, we understand that several other products outside of pipe are needed to complete the installation.

It is for this reason that we at Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company have partnered with some of the top companies in the industry to supply you with the products needed to finish the job.

HDPE Stormwater Chambers

Our Stormwater Chambers maximize the underground storage potential where available storage depth is limited, but still provide great flexibility with minimum and maximum cover heights of 2 and 8 feet, respectively. Used primarily beneath paved areas to preserve usable real estate, they also find application in green spaces for Low Impact Development (LID) practices.

Available in two sizes with nominal heights of 30 and 45 inches, the two chamber designations were crafted to identify the installed chamber storage capacities of 75 and 180 cubic feet, respectively, when using standard storage depth profiles.

Engineered using the most advanced modeling techniques, and precision manufactured to the highest standards, our Stormwater Chambers are a combination of a lightweight product with excellent structural integrity, and a geometry designed for maximum storage.

Each Stormwater Chamber is injection-molded for uniform, precise material placement to ensure design strength and arch stiffness, exceeding all requirements of ASTM F2418, the standard specification for polypropylene storm water collection chambers.

Water Tight Fittings & Drainage Basins
At times project require more than just a soil tight joint at a fitting. This is when a watertight fitting is an ideal solution. We carry a multitude of diameters sizes and can even have a unique fitting custom fabricated for your project.

Also, many project require surface drainage structures, including drain basins and inline drains. These are manufactured from PVC pipe stock utilizing a thermo-molding process to ensure consistent watertight seal throughout the structure body and the outlet stubs. The raw material used to manufacture this PVC pipe stock shall
conform to ASTM D1784 cell class 12454. These heavy-duty PVC structures are abrasion resistant and virtually immune to most types of corrosion.

Every drainage system is different. Whether small or large, your drainage system may require adapting to multiple pipe types and diameters, changes in direction and elevation. Drain Basins are custom built in a timely manner for each individual project, ensuring you can meet the design and timeline requirements for your project.

Drainage Grates and Covers
Drainage grates and covers are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Do you need a grate that is flush with the surface, we have a solution for that. How about a dome cover? We have that as well. Check out the wide range of items we have available and if you don’t see what you are looking for just call your local Pacific Corrugated Pipe sales or customer service professional. 

General Information (Catalogs, Installation Guides, etc.)
As a certified and primary dealer for Harco we stock many of their items. We also have the ability of securing any item in the Harco product line up including custom fabricated items. Work with your local Pacific Corrugated Representative to learn more.