Corrugated Steel Pipe

Used extensively in flood control, retention/ detention systems and sewer systems; Corrugated Metal Pipe is a popular choice because of its economic value, strength and durability.

Steel pipe is usually fabricated in 20-foot lengths: however, sections in other lengths are available. The diameter range usually starts at 6 inches and goes to 144 inches however smaller and larger sizes could possibly be produced as well. Contact your local sales representative for the specifics in your area. We can generally produce gage ranges as follows but this could also vary by location:

  • .064 inches (16 gage)
  • .079 inches (14 gage)
  • .109 inches (12 gage)
  • .138 inches (10 gage)
  • .168 inches (8 gage).

The corrugation patterns will vary depending on the requirements of your project and we have the capability of producing several different options including spiral ribbed pipe.

Types of Corrugated Metal Pipe

Corrugated Round Metal Pipe (CMP, CSP, CASP,CAP)

Corrugated ProfilesStandard round corrugated metal pipe is used extensively in flood control, drainage and sewer systems because of its economic value, strength and durability.

The pipe is usually fabricated in 20-foot sections, however, sections in other lengths are available.

The available diameters range from 6 inches to 108 inches depending on the producing facility. Also, the available wall thicknesses are .064 inches (16 gage), .079 inches (14 gage), 0109 inches (12 gage), .138 inches (10 gage)and .168 inches (8 gage). Again, the gage can vary from each producing facility.

Various corrugation patterns are available and are depending on several factors including the diameter of the pipe and the depth at which the pipe will be installed. Standard corrugation options are 2 2/3″ x 1/2″, 3″ x 1″ and 5″ x 1″ but other options are available so contact your local Pacific Corrugated Pipe representative to see which corrugation pattern is right for your project.


Corrugated Metal Pipe-Arch performs the same functions as round pipe and is used primarily where there is limited headroom or cover over the pipe or where the hydraulic conditions necessitate its use.

Corrugated metal pipe-arch, like corrugated metal pipe, is usually fabricated in 20-foot sections, although sections of other lengths are available.

The pipe-arch is available in many sizes. The minimum span x rise is 17 x 13 inches and the maximum is 83 x 57 inches. The available wall thicknesses are .064 inches (16 gauge), .079 inches (14 gage), .109 inches (12 gage), .138 inches (10 gage), and .168 inches (8 gage).

The corrugation patterns will vary depending on the requirements of your project and we have the capability of producing several different options. Consult your sales representative for more information.


Beveled End Pipe
Beveled End PipeBeveled End Sections are a practical and visually attractive way to complete an installation that includes a slope at either end of a culvert. 

These beveled ends are an ideal way to prevent scour at the inlet and “undermining” at the outlet while increasing hydraulic efficiency. When the ends of corrugated pipe are beveled or skewed to match the embankment slope, they will deliver the best hydraulic characteristics. Further, this style also provides for an attractive finish and is particularly cost-effective for large diameter culvert applications.

While the principal purpose of a beveled end finish on corrugated steel pipe culverts or spillways is hydraulic efficiency – other purposes may be to retain the fill slope, discourage burrowing rodents or improve safety. Pacific Corrugated Pipe can fabricate our beveled end sections to blend well with any surrounding. Typical beveled ends include full beveled (also known as a mitered end), SKU-Cut or a step beveled end.

The “step beveled” end fabrications have a small vertical cut at the very end, and also at the top of the end section. Our step beveled ends can be fabricated into a single or double-step beveled end. Also, our beveled ends are available in galvanized, aluminized and poly-coated metal finishes for a wide variety of corrosion resistance and improved durability.

It should be noted that these beveled cuts interrupt the pipe ends’ ability to develop ring compression and measures should be taken to prevent uplift when subjected to extreme hydraulic forces. The opportunity to customize ends to your specific application should be reviewed with your local Pacific Corrugated salesperson or directly with our manufacturing plant.

Perforated Pipe
Corrugated metal pipe is available with perforations of varying size and spacing and is primarily used for groundwater collection or recharge.

Perforated pipe is used in a wide variety of applications including trench drains, structure underdrains, gas collection, water wells, and dry wells. Perforated pipe is also used in retention/recharge systems where collected storm water is released into the ground through exfiltration. Pipe may be custom perforated to your specifications or in accordance with AASHTO M-36.

Slotted Drain

Slotted Steel Drain PipePacific Corrugated Pipe slotted drain pipe is a composite drainage structure consisting of a corrugated steel pipe with a fabricated linear steel grate protruding through the pipe wall, welded in place.

Slotted drain can be used to effectively and economically remove surface runoff in curb and gutter applications or to intercept sheet runoff on relatively flat surfaces or local depressions. Applications include roadways, parking lots, airports, sports fields, or any other surfaces where removal of flowing or standing surface water is desirable. Regular corrugated steel pipe fittings (without grates); such as tees, elbows and reducers, are normally used with slotted drain pipe although custom fabricated fittings with grate are also available if needed.

The slotted drain’s open grate is installed flush with or slightly below the surface to be drained. This allows the surface water to be channeled directly into the pipe below where it can be directed to the appropriate outfall. Pacific Corrugated Pipe slotted drain eliminates the need for complex surface grading to create drainage basins where water is directed to multiple catch basins, berms, dikes, or other channeling structures.

Spiral Rib Pipe (SRP)

Spiral Rib Pipe (SRP) is one of many innovative pipe products developed by Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company during its long history in the drainage industry.

This efficient product was developed in response to the needs of drainage designers for a pipe product with the hydraulics of smooth wall pipe plus the many other advantages of corrugated metal pipe.

Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company has developed a variety of rib profiles to provide the widest range of sizes available in the industry. SRP is available in sizes of 18 inches through 144 inches in steel and 18 inches through 96 inches in aluminum alloy.

Fabrication: SRP is a flexible metal conduit manufactured from a continuous strip of galvanized steel, aluminized Type II steel, or aluminum alloy. Available steel thicknesses are .064 inch, .079 inch, and .109 inch. Available aluminum thicknesses are .060 inch, .075 inch, and .105 inch. The coil strip is passed through a forming line which forms the ribs and prepares the edges. The formed section is then helically wound into pipe and the edges are joined by mechanical lockseaming.

Structural Plate

Structural PlateUnlike corrugated steel pipe, corrugated steel structural plate (SSP) is shipped to the site in curved plates and field assembled into its final shape by bolting.

When spans exceed 12 feet, SSP may become the best corrugated steel option. Without shipment limitations associated with large conventional pipe, combined with increased thicknesses (through 1 gage) and stiffer corrugations, SSP expands the number of useful applications otherwise unattainable, and allows corrugated steel to be a viable alternative to the one or two options historically available in certain situations.

Pacific Corrugated Pipe supplies both steel and aluminum structural plate so engineers, developers and contractors have a choice. The lighter weight of aluminum plate creates a significant handling advantage. Aluminum is durable, offering excellent resistance against the effects of corrosion and abrasion.

Integrating an aluminum structural plate headwall into a selected culvert size and shape creates an installation friendly bridge replacement solution. With no rebar schedules, mix specifications, pours, frequent testing, cure times, etc., aluminum structural plate headwalls are an economic alternative to concrete.

The Benefits
  • Lightweight— compared to other types of structures of similar size, such as structural steel or concrete bridges.
  • Strong— the 6″ x 2″ (steel) and the 9″ x 2.5″ (aluminum) corrugations are significantly stronger than other corrugations of the same thickness.
  • Easily installed— light equipment, simple tools and unskilled labor under adequate supervision can easily complete the assembly.
  • Made to last— our steel structural plate is protected by a 3-ounce zinc coating, which gives the structure a long life with 50% more zinc than regular corrugated steel pipe.
  • Conveniently delivered— plates are shipped in compact nested bundles, minimizing handling and freight costs.

Structural Plate Pipe

Design Height Tables

Our Arch and Round Pipe Design Tables are adapted from AISI Handbook of Steel Drainage and Construction Products.

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