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We have established quite the list of loyal architects, builders, engineers, contractors and developer clients because of our firm commitment to customer service. This pledge starts with a dedicated team of local experts that reside in your general area.

Our customers have peace of mind knowing that we are in the same time zone so we can react quickly to their needs. Our service starts with our knowledgeable field sales experts and finishes when we review your project during and after installation. In between, our timely quoting, accurate order entry, in-house manufacturing and precise fabrication deliver on all your service needs.

We believe you have bigger things to worry about than the corrugated pipe on your job site so we are committed to getting things right the first time. Our turnaround times on quotes are some of the shortest and most accurate in the industry and with five production facilities on the west coast, we have your back when it comes to timely product delivery.




There are millions of feet of corrugated steel pipe installed throughout the West that have been produced by Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company.

We pride ourselves on offering high quality products that meet recognized national fabrication standards (AASHTO and ASTM) at competitive prices. Our detail-oriented mill operators are some of the most experienced in the industry. It is this expertise that allows us to continually deliver both plastic and metal corrugated pipe to your job site that meets all required specifications.

Whether a project is large or small, our quality standards are stringently adhered to so we can give our customers the peace of mind they deserve. These quality products along with our customers’ quality installations are what continues to make corrugated pipe a trusted, economical and easy-to-install solution.


Industry leadership


We are a recognized leader in product research and development, having contributed important new products, processes and patents to the industry.

For example, our Spiral Rib pipe design and TriShield™ technology are significant inventions that resulted in patents that have helped further develop and grow the corrugated pipe industry. These technologies and designs have helped expand our business to companies that had historically not preferred a corrugated pipe solution.

Further, as part of our commitment to grow the entire corrugated pipe market we shared this technology with other companies that participate in our industry. We believe that innovation works best when it is exposed to as many people as possible. Our enthusiasm for expanding the use of corrugated metal and plastic pipe will continue to drive innovation in the future.

Pacific Corrugated is proud to offer our innovation at competitive prices, enabling our clients and our industry to do more with smaller budgets.




Pacific Corrugated Pipe was established in 1935 by Winfred E. “Win” Hall. It was through the collective vision and commitment of Mr. Hall and his two sons, Robert and Win Jr., that the corrugated pipe industry grew in the early years.

This growth was fueled by a passion to deliver on industry-leading service and value; a commitment to embrace highly ethical business standards; and through a consultative approach to developing business relationships. It wasn’t long before the relationships built on this trust platform delivered meaningful results for Pacific Corrugated Pipe and the corrugated pipe industry.

It is this foundation of trust and service that embodies us today. We are still a family-owned business and believe that a promise and a handshake are still worth something.



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