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I have a project that calls for a very long span and is large in diameter, what options do I have?

For the best advice on this question we would suggest you contact your PCP representation with all the specifics. It’s possible that a structural plate solution is what you need but a detailed discussion with expose the ideal option.

Can I buy Gabions from you?

Yes, you can.

My project is calling for storm chambers, can you supply these?

Yes, we can. We have two sizes available  so call your local PCP representative with your plan requirements and we will send them right out. By the way, we have the geotextile and small diameter pipe you will need to finish the job as well.

What other “support” products can I combine with my pipe order do you have available?

Great question but a better one might be, “what products can’t we supply?” We have drainage gates, manholes, grates, flashboard risers, geotextile products, end sections, anchor assemblies, flumes, debris racks, mar mac couplers, storm chambers, gabions, and much, much more!. If you don’t see something on this list just give us a call and we will accept the challenge.

What gages are your flared end sections and what are the actual dimensions?

This will vary as well. You can find this information on our website in our resource library by opening our product catalog brochure and going to the “Flared End Section” page. Of course, you can always reach out to your local PCP representative to grab the information for you.

I have road that is quite moist, and it requires some preparation before I can allow heavy loads to pass over them, how can I cut down on the cost of the rock I am going to need to get it ready?

The perfect solution for you might be geogrid. Using geogrid on your project could allow you to use over 50% less rock! Check with your local PCP representative for the specific savings on your project.

Do you have water tight fitting available?

Yes, we do. We have a wide range of sizes and types. Give your local PCP representative a call for specifics.

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