All of us here at Pacific Corrugated Pipe strive to be the best supplier you deal with day-to-day.

We do this by making “Your business, Our business”. Our sales teams seek to find the most important and valuable traits you look for in a supplier and then focuses on delivering these traits. We understand that the last thing you need to worry about on your project are the things that, many times, people can’t even see when the project is completed. Delivering on quality, craftsmanship, consultation and local support and do so in a timely fashion is what has grown our business since 1935. We are humbled to serve all our customers and even more humbled at what they have to say about us.

“You guys are great! Sorry my stuff is always last minute rush stuff. Once again, you came through!” Matt B - Civil Client Sales

“…When our team met with Pacific Corrugated Pipe we became aware of the potential of utilizing Spiral Rib Pipe. After the evaluation of two products, we determined the Spiral Rib to be the most economical hydraulically efficient choice for this project. We were very pleased with the savings we would be realizing on the material alone. The savings came out to be about 40%. In addition, we did not have to subcontract the work as we were able to utilize our own employees and equipment… In conclusion, the City of Douglas has received a well-engineered product which has functioned properly. We were also able to save our taxpayers a substantial amount of money on the project alone through material and installation savings. We would not hesitate to utilize Spiral Rip on our storm drain projects in the future. We would also encourage others to follow our lead.”

Ben L
Public Works Director

“I have been purchasing culverts from Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company for the last 13 years. This company has consistently provided the greatest value in terms of both the materials cost and the service I’ve received. I am a loyal customer and plan to work with Pacific Corrugated well into the future. “ Terry L - Engineer

“… I have used corrugated pipe and other companies for obtaining culverts prices for our contacts for the last four years. I have found that Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company has an outstanding response time in getting the quotes back. They are easy to discuss issue with and are very detailed in taking ours orders. I have recommended that all the Engineer’s in our department to use PCP when preparing their quotes… Thanks for the great service!”

Robert L.

“…we have been purchasing corrugated steel pipe from Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company for well over 20 years. I’ve always been happy doing business with the sales team at PCP because they are friendly, professional, and take care of our needs in a timely manner…” Jennifer B - Buyer

I wanted to send this letter as a “thank you” to the Pacific Corrugated Pipe team for assisting in delivering excellent customer service to our client….The Pacific team was responsive and fast moving in dealing with additional and replacement material orders even if they were caused by the construction team. Through excellent customer service, Pacific assisted Haydon in meeting our deadline to the City… Thank you Pacific Corrugated!

Michael C.

Project Manager

“Thank you again for bringing out our shelter. This is going to be a wonderful exhibit, in no small part due to your help and exceptional service…” Christian G - Museum Curator

“…After careful examination of the structural calculation, independent test reports, case histories, ASTM and AASHTO specifications, and all the other agency approvals provided by Pacific Corrugated Pipe, we have concluded that Spiral Rib Pipe would be an excellent alternative to cast in place or reinforced concrete pipe on our storm drain projects. Thus creating a competitive situation and ensuring the Town of Florence the best value for tax dollars spent…In conclusion, we feel your Spiral Rib Pipe is an excellent product for storm drain systems.”

Ken B.
Town Manager

“For over 15 years Pacific Corrugated has provided our company with drainage products, industry expertise, fast service, competitive pricing, and professionalism on every project that we sourced from Pacific Corrugated.” Andrew W - Owner

After modifying a delivery date to a much earlier date and finding a creative way to meet this customers’ new deadline we received this note from one of our awesome customers: “Oh awesome! That is really fast! Thanks for making that delivery on the 23rd instead of the 29th , that is going to make some people really happy!

Megan L.

“I want to take a moment to commend you on the level of service you afforded me. As a new customer to Pacific Corrugated Pipe I was fortunate to have been directed to you. You responded promptly to all of my inquiries… Thank you for making my first experience with your company a positive experience…”

George S.

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