Steel Pipe Accessories To Help Complete Your Next Project.

Many times, the installation of corrugated steel pipe (CSP) requires the need for some accessory products to complete the project.

At Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company, we understand that it makes your job easier to secure as many products as you can from as few suppliers as possible.

This not only reduces the amount of shipments to your job site, but also improves the logistics of getting your job done on time. We have partnered with some of the best companies in the industry to supply you the product and expertise for these supporting products. Next time you have a project that requires other steel pipe accessories, let our industry professionals supply you with the products and information needed to complete your installation.


Steel Fittings

The vast majority of all projects include the need for some type of fitting to complete the project. These could be wyes, tees, elbows or a host of other options. Our expert welders can customize virtually any fitting for your particular project.


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Drainage Gates & Accessories

There are many types of quality canal and drainage gates available to our customers. These products have been extensively used in private and municipal systems as well as projects of the U.S. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and other federal and state departments of conservation and wildlife.


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Geotextiles are “rolled-goods”, generally placed directly on the existing soil prior to covering with an aggregate base of similar material. Pacific Corrugated Pipe has multiple solutions for your geotextile needs, including geogrid and fabric options.


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End Sections

Our standard flared end sections are not only long-lasting and easy to maintain, they are up to standards – made from certified materials meeting AASHTO and ASTM standards … meeting the “Buy American Act” criteria … and federal and state highway agency requirements for safety and hydraulic efficiency.


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McCarthy type flume inlets are designed to collect and discharge roadway runoff into down-slope flume in order to prevent erosion on steep slopes.


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Joint Coupling System

A band coupler is a collar or coupling which fits over adjacent ends of pipe to be joined which, when drawn tight, holds the pipe together by friction or by mechanical means. There are several types available including corrugated (annular), semi-corrugated, universal (dimple or flat), and internal expanding. On occasion we will even produce a welded flange coupling system.


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