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Corrugated Plastic Pipe (HDPE)

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Do you produce your own corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe?

Yes, we do. We have been producing our own StormTite® plastic pipe for decades.

What is the diameter range of plastic pipe that I buy from you?

For dual-wall bell & spigot we have 4” – 60” available; dual-wall plain end we have 8” – 36” and for single-wall plain end we have 3” – 24”. Most of this pipe is available in 20-foot lengths but we do have some pipe available in 30-foot lengths. Also, in the small diameter single-wall pipe we even have 100- and 250-foot lengths in some sizes.

What are your operating hours?

Generally speaking we are open from 7am- 3:30pm but hours vary slightly by location and by the time of year so check our website or with your local PCP representative.

Can I buy pipe from you that is made from recycled plastic?

Yes, we have recycled-resin pipe available in a wide variety of sizes. Call your local PCP representative for specifics and pricing.

What size HDPE culvert do I need for my driveway or crossing?

This can vary by county or public works so give your local PCP representative a call for guidance on your particular area.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes, we do. Check out our locations on our website and come on by.

Do you sell planter rings or other short pieces that can be used for other applications?

We do occasionally have partial lengths available, but you should call your local PCP representative to see if your most local facility has anything in stock.

Do you sell PVC or Schedule 40 pipe?

No, to the Schedule 40 pipe portion of your questions but we do carry PVC fittings designed to fit our StormTite corrugated HDPE pipe with an F477 gasket.

What size diameter HDPE pipe do you have in stock?

This will vary from facility to facility but generally speaking we carry HDPE pipe from 4” – 48”. Call your local PCP representative for the most current inventory in  your area.

What is your production lead-time?

This varies by facility but if you advise your local PCP representative of your product needs and delivery date we will do everything in our power to meet your requirements. We have delivered on the same day when all the stars align.

What is the per foot weight of your HDPE pipe?

This varies greatly from diameter to diameter. You can find this information in our product catalog which is available in the “Resource Library” of our website under “Brochures” or just go to the HDPE section of our website and you will find a specification guide in the “Bell & Spigot” and “Plain End” section. If all else fails, you can call your local PCP representative.

What lengths of HDPE pipe do you have in stock?

Again, this varies from facility to facility but generally speaking we have a supply of 4” – 48” available in 20-foot lengths. We do have other lengths so call your local PCP representative for the most up to date information.

How many pieces per bundle of pipe and how many fit on a truck?

Give your local PCP representative a call so we can send you a load chart.

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Will your HDPE pipe match up with your competitors’ pipe?

In many diameters the answer is yes. For any sizes that are not an exact match we have a simple one-time solution that will allow the pipe to match up. Check with your local PCP representative for specifics.

Do you make your own plastic fittings?

Yes, we manufacture a wide range of our own fittings and can custom fabricate fittings virtually any project. Check out our website for a full list of stock items available.

Do you have end sections available in plastic?

Yes, we do. Plastic flared-end sections are available in the following sizes: 12″-15″, 18″, 24″ and 30″-36″.

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